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2016-12-06 01:42:10 (UTC)

Sometimes I whine for no reason

I am sitting here after reading my last post. My
how things change. None of that last part I wrote
is even true. So it seems.

She told me today that the jeep was messed up again
so bad, that she was taking it to a garage. I was glad
to hear that someone was finally going to have it in
a garage. It is like a hospital for our vehicles. That
thing needs to run right. She has only got to enjoy it
one week since she got it. It has been messed up since.

So, she rode here after leaving it to pick up my car. I
guess her car is also messed up, so I told her to come
get my car. I cleaned it out...and put the registration
card in an easy to find extra cash in same
spot...and waited.

I cooked toll house cookies. The kitchen smelled good when
they arrived. They said the man at garage told them that the
part that was recently changed sometimes needs to be reset.
So, it did not seem like much to fix. Hoping it is soon.

They stayed a while. We enjoyed the visit. My daughter kept
telling me how much she like the jeep and thanked me for getting
it for her. She as also thanking us for letting her mom
use my car...and helping to get it fixed. So, she was very

My daughter is involved in politics. I asked her how long
before she runs for senate or house of representatives? She
last when the youngest is almost out of high school. So
we have about 6 more years. She has it all planned out
including having an apartment in Raleigh. WOW, I was impressed.

It feels good now.

Although I do feel like I am coming down with something. Real fast.

My back hurts. I feel congested.

I really do not want to be sick for Christmas.

But it is looking like I will be.


please do not take my whining so serious...