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2016-12-05 03:04:27 (UTC)

After the play

The granddaughter had the leading role in a play at her HS. My son
drove me there to see it as I do not drive at night anymore. It was
awesome. Lasted about an hour.

We stood out in the lobby a while afterwards to meet and greet. She did a real good job. I asked her
how the car was doing after that part I bought. She said it was still
doing the same thing. I just looked at her mother and she said she
would talk about it later with me not too worry about it. Of course
I have not heard from her. So, who knows.

Today the rain was falling most of the day and it has cooled down
a lot Feels good. Wish it had come sooner to save Gatlinburg. I
really hate to hear about all that. Sad.

Nothing on the agenda this week. Just going to finally order the
post cards that. I sent her the proof to get her approval. She never
responded. I am not even sure she has the sense to even know how
much she hurts me. Her daughters are being taught to do the same.

I am heart broken most of the time.

Just gonna work...and stay busy.

I have picked out a family with small kids who need someone
to help with Christmas this year. I will do that this week.