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2016-12-02 13:35:45 (UTC)

After appointment

I was horrified driving to Pineville during rush hour. But there
were enough mishaps along the way to slow traffic down to make it

The appointment went well. He said that just a small amount had grown
around the area he removed six months ago and a couple other places.
He wants to see me again in one year. If that goes well, it will only
be every three years.

He did tell me that the pain I am experiencing in my lower left
abdominal area is NOT from the colon. So, it must be my ovary or
my stomach.

I have things to do today. I got a call last night that someone
wants to see my commercial property. I called my boss and he is
going to go to that. I do not have to drive to Harrisburg.

Tomorrow, my son is taking me to see my granddaughter perform the LEAD
in her high school play in Indian Trail. This will be exciting.
I am going to ride through Stallings today to take a photo of the
town hall so I can finally order the post cards I have already
paid for. I can not rely on anyone but myself.


I wrote a for sale by owner letter to the people down the road
from me who just put up that sign. I should have done it sooner.
But they will get it tomorrow. Let's see if my gift with words
will draw them to me.....

more on all this later.