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2016-12-02 11:03:56 (UTC)

Preparing for Christmas

Good morning!

Yesterday was a busy day. My mum, my daughter and I had a shopping day. We went to the mall but first my mum wanted to pop in some stores that sell home diffusers. So, we were in a hurry and we spent some hours at the mall. Finally, I bought the Christmas presents. I thought we wouldn't be able to buy them but my husband was generous. Actually, he worked overtime so that we could have Christmas presents for everybody.

I still haven't decorated my house. This year my husband is not here so I won't be putting up a Christmas tree or any decoration. My daughter and I will celebrate it in my parents'house. My mum decorated the whole living-room. It is really nice and beautiful. My brother and my siter-in-law will come so it is going to be a family celebration.

Thinking about Christmas I have to mention the airplane crash that happened recently. My condolences to the friends and family members of the Chapecoense Team. It is very sad indeed.

My daughter is at school this morning. It is the last day of activities at school so they are going to have a secret friend in class and some pastries with soft drinks I guess. She said she wanted to drink coke. We are not drinking soft drinks anymore. It is better because it contains a lot of sugar. I have to collect her soon.

I am in a good mood but a little bit tired from yesterday walking. Hopefully, I will manage to walk for a while in the path.

Until next time, good energy to all of us.