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2016-11-30 03:40:19 (UTC)

No thank you

I swear man. I am turning 64 years old this Saturday. 64!!!

Okay, sure I use to like to ride downtown to hear a good band
on weekends, meet up with some friends and drink a few beers.
But now, these days....I do not. I do not like to drive at all
anymore at night. So, going out, not my thing.

They used to call every weekend wanting me to go. But it did not
take too long to realize that I was the one driving most of the
time. So, gee, no one calls to ask me much anymore. Funny how
things work out and we learn the truth in the end.

I did have a buddy who is not too much younger than me ask me
to go to SC in York this Saturday to something that starts
at 9 and ends at 12. LOL I said, uh, no. No Thank you..
and I will never drive that far. I LIVE IN NC.

Tonight my stomach is upset. Tomorrow I have to be on the
liquid diet then do the crap thing tomorrow night. I will be
glad when this is over. I have been worried for six months.
He is redoing the colonoscopy to be sure the place he cut out
6 months ago has not started growing back. If so...who knows
what will happen. I have been experiencing some pain.

Still have not heard from the gynecologist. I am not taking any
medication right now. Not until this is over with. Then
I am not sure what she will want me to do. She is not doing
what we discussed in her office that first visit. I may call
her out on it myself. I want the cream that is made individually by the pharmacy just for me. Not a pill and a patch. This pill and
patch has made no difference at all in how I feel. I see no
point in it.

One thing at a time.

I saw a for sale by owner down the street today. I rode by it.
Looks amazing. I could call them. But instead, I am just sending
them a letter. I do not want to be in a situation where they
want me to come down and look at it Friday. I expect to be
out of it Friday. But maybe Saturday.

We shall see.