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2016-11-29 21:32:39 (UTC)

Nice coffee

Hello again!

I wish I could go out more often as it is good for me. I am feeling really better after I went out with my mum. We had a nice coffee at the local bakery. I always like to chose what I like from their buffet and it is not so expensive.

This morning, I didn't do a lot of housework. Honestly, I was anxious about the future. I can get very anxious when I start thinking about what will happen in some years ahead. It can be annoying as it leads me to negative thoughts and pessimistic feelings that trigger me an emotional conflict. At least, now I recognize them.

Tomorrow, I am going to the supermarket but my mum wants to go to some stores to buy more products for her home diffusers. My first thought was that I would have to follow her around but then I realized that it was good for me just to go out and see people.

I spoke with my husband several times. He is at home. It was nice to be able to be in contact with him like today.

Latelty, I feel the need to be in contact with other people but I just don't know how. OK... I don't like people that invade my life but I would be glad just to chat with anyone about anything. But then I don't have close friends. Never mind. I will keep going. At least, I have family close to me. Well, my parents. Sometimes is good to be close to them because the I don't feel so lonely. Then I also have my husband.

Well, it is 7.31 p.m. and I don't have anything to do at the moment. I might watch some TV.

So, until next time.

Good energy to all of us.