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2016-11-29 20:04:16 (UTC)

So much

Mood: Tired and Lazy
Song: I'll be there by the Jackson 5
Color: Orange

There seems to be so much sadness around here lately among the people i know from this sight.
the one's i talk to and have gotten to know.
And i feel my own sadness i guess that's just life, sometimes we are struggling and sometimes we are Depressed or worried or overwhelmed.

I know that this won't last forever, i know that saying everything's going to work out is a cop out when your drowning in life and all the stuff that comes with it.
but i can say that your not alone.
I can say that i'm praying for you.
I can say that i'm here to listen if you want to talk or vent.

All i want to do right now is sleep -_- i know i can't right now as i have things to do and i'm watching the girls and obviously if i sleep i the day i won't sleep at night and that just contributes to my already very messed up sleeping pattern.

It's just one of those day's where i'm drained physically, mentally, emotionally, Creatively, Spiritually ect.
Like what am i even doing with my life?!?!?

Someones' just pulled up have to go answer the door... -_- ugh.