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2016-11-27 21:44:41 (UTC)

Ungrateful kids

I swear man. I was so excited to finally be able to buy that
Jeep Liberty for my grand daughter. She did not bother to even
call me to thank us. Instead after I posted some facebook card thing
on my wall about people you do things for and not even a thank you.
She finally text me with a "thank you". Not really the same if you
feel like you had to throw in a worm to catch it.

None the less. When I told my daughter that I text drove these
two in town near here and I did not think they would be worth the
money. She started looking over in her area. She found one just
like the granddaughter wanted in about five minutes. It was over
5500 bucks...I asked her to go drive it....take it to the jeep
place and have a diagnostic text done so we would be sure it
was ok. She did not do that. No. Instead, she had a conversation
with her brother in law over the phone about it and decided it
was a good deal. She later revealed the moment she was sure of that
was when he said "with all those miles on it, everything on has had
to been replaced". Hmmmmm? Not exactly what I was expecting...

but I guess since I was paying for it....who the hell cares if
it runs 5 miles, 50 or 10 before she is setting on the side of
HWY 74 in Monroe crying for her mama. Saved by her "other grandma".

So, for a couple weeks, we been trying to figure out what is wrong
with it. She has a man who lives in her neighborhood who will
work on it for free if we buy the part. He took it to his place
of employment and has one of those diagnostic test done to learn
just what it needed. Not sure why that was not done before I
bought it. But it was not.

So, the part is going to cost about 750 bucks. He gets 100 back
when he takes them the old part. Ok. So, I told her to let me
know who to order it from. She suggested I call this guy and
make arrangements with him to order as if she thought I was
going to give this complete stranger my debit card or credit
card number? UH not happening sunshine. I told her to
let me know the part and what needs to be said to order it..
and I will call it in. They can go pick it up...he can put it
on. Should be a done deal.

I had told them before this weekend to try to get it to BELMONT
to the GOODYEAR place and let them fix it. I really trust them.
I do not trust people I do not know. But later learned that it
can not be driven there. So, we are stuck with this plan of

Right here at Christmas....I feel like I have been robbed.

Without a gun. I think I would feel better if I had been
robbed with a gun by a stranger. This other shit just does
not feel right.

A phone call once and while would be nice...
when they do not want something solved or bought
borrowed or given.