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2016-11-27 20:54:17 (UTC)


Hi there!

I am feeling really well. I mean, I didn't feel low or down today. I spent most of the morning in parents'house. We had lunch there as always. It was delicious. This morning my mother cooked for all of us as my father is still recovering from the problem he had. But usually my father cooks on Sundays.

This afternoon I tried to take a nap but I just relaxed in bed. It helps to relax for a while. However, I always get the feeling I could be doing something different.

I have done some laundry as well just to get it ready for the beginning of the week. I still need to wash more clothes. But I am going to do it tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I have to tidy up the house a bit and iron and vacuum because I am going out on Tuesday afternoon. So, I might get up early even though my daughter starts school later.

By the way, I walked today and yesterday afternoon. So, I am exercising and I feel good about that. Some people say it is good for your body and mind as well.

Well, it is 6.51p.m. and I am feeling now bored because I have stopped with my housework and I bet I will feel fed up soon.

My husband is fine and we have spoken for sometime. I always feel good and close to him when we chat more often.

So, now I will find something to keep my mind busy.

Good energy to all of us.