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2016-11-26 23:22:02 (UTC)

Leatherwood Gone

Gone is the day that I had to sit and listen to the never
ending conversations. It has been 15 months since her surgery
and our fall out. I had to ride through her neighborhood today
to ride past a house that I saw in MLS. I tired not to look.

But she is still driving the same car. Probably cuddled up
inside with her cat and a bottle of wine and or pills.

When I look back, it bothers me that I had no idea what was
going on. I can not recognize a pill popper. But the signs
were there all along. I thought instead that she was just
slow...hard to get ready and be somewhere on time....the waiting
for her to show up....and that last time that happened...I
almost drove off. I thought about that when I rode past that
place today too.

I hope she is doing better, but I doubt it. People like her
who are so needy and mad as hell at those of us who have
a man in our life and kids. She is really mad. I can not say
how many times it was thrown up in my face, although I was too
dense at time to even notice. But toward the end....before
our fall out, I started to notice that she through up other
people too who are in relationships.

I tried to point out things that maybe was keeping her from
being in one. But she instead of understanding and being
grateful of my trying to help her, she got mad.

I had to stop in at the drug store today to pick up some
eye drops. Was looking at lipstick. I hardly ever wear it.
I tried to tell her way back then that she wore way too much
makeup. Most men do not like that shit. Eye liner...lip liner...
dark colors...and blush...and that dark powder she puts on her
neck thinking it make it look thinner. IT LOOKS RIDICULOUS...

When she was in the hospital, she did not have on makeup first
few days. She looked younger without it. But man she knew
people were going to begin visiting her and she had to take
time to do the makeup. Looked silly.

Anyway...that house is under contract so I will not have to
ride through there again anytime soon.

As much drugs as that woman takes....I check for her name
in the obituaries almost everyday. It will happen....
and I tried to stop it. When I finally figured it out.

Her damn cousin was so dense I am sure instead of understanding
what I said her, she probably thought I was talking behind her
back...and told her what I said. Not helping much.....just
making things worse. She sounded like a damn hillbilly anyway.
I should have known better.

Thank GOD all that is behind me.