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2016-11-25 11:17:04 (UTC)


Good morning!

The washing machine is on and I am here to write a little bit. It is 9.07 a.m. My daughter didn't go to school as they are not giving any content to students to work on it and this is a private school. So, I didn't have to take her there.

My father is not very well. I went to my parents' house this morning and my mother was taking him to the the hospital. He had a pain in his chest. I hope it is not serious.

It is going to be an usual day. I don't have any plans for today. Just boring routine but that is fine.

I am feeling well although I didn't have a good night of sleep. I am not so tired this morning and I hope that I can walk in the path this afternoon. I like to walk near to the trees in the garden.

Well, I don't have a lot of news so I'd better go.

Good energy to all of us.