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2016-11-25 05:12:00 (UTC)


mood: Ready for Gilmore girls to finally air!
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Color Yellow

Just a quick one....
I didn't seep well last night and i woke up early this morning because of a nightmare that inspired me to write this quick little poem just to get it out of my system so i could try to go back to sleep(unsuccessfully surprise surprise lol)
but while i'm in a really good mood right now and am not feeling the negative emotions and fears and such that i was feeling when i wrote it i wanted to post it anyway cause while it's unfinished i like what it is so far.
Its making me miss my poetry partner(my friend who when he and i would get together we would play this story game where wed start a story and each got to write a line or a a few and then the other would continue it and or finish it)
I wish he were here to add his own words to what i have written here it could be a collaboration! i miss that!

"I wonder" (for lack of a better title )

I wonder if you think about the people long since gone.
The one's you forced away and one's who just moved on.

The one's passed away and one's who passed you by.
I wonder if you regret hurting them with you freaking lie.

Part of me hopes you fall and feel all the damage done.
But for other's sake alone i wish this pain on no one.

I'm open to a collaborator.
if you'd like to add to this.
Send me a message.
It could be fun could be good.