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2016-11-24 12:06:18 (UTC)

Cool morning

Good morning!

My daughter woke up a bit later today as she didn't need to go to school early. She doesn't have any tests to do. So, I stayed in bed for a while longer, until 7.00 a.m.

I had my breakfast. I usually fry some eggs and eat with bread. Also, I cannot be without my coffee. I don't usually have cereal in the morning. You can find it in the supermarket here but they are not as good as in England and they are very expensive.

It is a cloudy and cool day. I am enjoying it before summer arrives. This morning I decided to walk in the path. I woke up a little bit tired but I am thinking about it as a habit. I don't really wish to lose weight but to be healthy. I am and I was feeling tired most of the time so, I hope that maybe it will improve my body's health. However, I must say that my knees ache a lot.

Right now, I am relaxing a bit. I still have to cook but I am willing to spend some time on the internet. I will cook later so that I can have lunch with my daughter.

It is going to be a long afternoon. I won't be going out today. So, I could maybe get busy with some kind of activity although I don't know what.

I think I could organize the files I have here. I already have done some of them. Let's see. I mean, I have lots of documents and I need to sort some of them.

My husband is not working today but soon he will be working extra hours. That is good for us. I have spoken to him a couple of times though.

Well, I need to go now.

Until then, good energy to all of us.