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2016-11-23 16:19:48 (UTC)

Some movement is good


It has been a nice morning so far. My mum and I went to the same stores we visited yesterday. People already know us... Although, the next town is bigger than the current town we live, I still find it too familiar, I mean, people have the need to know you closer. I think my mum likes that, to be surrounded by people she knows well.

She is making more home diffusers. I must say they look really nice and the house smells good. Our house is smelling good though.

This Christmas, presents will be simple. Actually, I am going to give just chocolate. I cannot afford expensive presents. I would like so but then I need to be careful and keep the expenses within my budget.

I still haven't decorated my house. I don't think I will do. I am not inspired to celebrate Christmas. It sounds to me a bit fake the whole thing. Reuniting the family is somehow false. I barely see my brother. He exchanges some words like hello or good morning when he arrives and that is it. We don't really get on well. My family is like that. However, it is better than it was before.

I feel happy with little simple things... like just going to the supermarket and being able to buy the things I like from there or having a snack at the bakery in the supermarket. Also, I feel happy my husband is employed... Not a perfect job but it is an income.

Today, I haven't spoken with him as he is working. But I will do in the afternoon.

At the moment, I am busy doing the laundry. I try to keep the house tidy but I honestly need more inspiration to do so. I still need to tidy the office or the spare bedroom.

Well, it 2.15 p.m. and I think I should start organizing something but I feel just a bit tired. However, I woke up very well this morning. I have some good days like that but most of the week I feel tired. So, as I am feeling OK I should do some extra housework.

I still want to walk in the race track. I am taking it very seriously. I hope I can do it very often.

So, it is time to go.

Good energy to all of us.