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2016-11-22 22:08:39 (UTC)

When will we learn?

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Lately I've been watching a lot of documentary's just been in the mood to watch them(So if you know of any really good one's let me know maybe i'll check them out. i'm pretty open to all kinds)

But for the most part i've been watching a lot on the Holocaust and World war 2.
It's another one of my morbid curiosity's i guess right up there with the Titanic.
I think thought i do just have a genuine love for history (i get that from my Dad) and a genuine love of hearing people's stories.
It amazes me that people could ever have the nerve to say that the Holocaust didn't happen... how people could lie to that extent and then start to believe their own lies...
I think that we need to know our history, both the good and the bad but i'll go a step farther to say that we not only need to know our history but we also need to acknowledge our history or we will be doomed to repeat it. and God forbid we ever let ourselves forget what happened and have another holocaust.

Here are some facts:

It started in January 30th 1933 and ended May 8th 1945

11 million people were killed during the holocaust out of those 6 million were Jewish people.

1.1 million of the mentioned above were children.

Besides Jews People who were targeted were: The Disabled, Homosexual, and anyone who didn't fit the description of the "perfect" Aryan race and anyone who apposed the Nazis and tried to speak out.

Children were targeted specifically for Medical Experiments and death.
To prevent new generations of people.

Twins were Specifically targeted for Medical Experiments and had horrible un thinkable, inhumane things done to them.
Not that all the people in the concentration camps weren't treated in unthinkable ways.

We can never forget, we can never make light of this.
I won't forget.

32 countries got together to discuss helping the Jewish people and for instance Britain said they would, not help, Australia said they would not help, Canada said they would not help.
in fact only the Dominican Republic said they would and they were only able to take in 100,000 Jewish people before they were swamped.
The US knew of a ship that was carrying European Jews on it trying to land safely on US Soil and we turned them away and they had to return to Europe and were killed.

Where were we? where was the world? it's all of our faults because we knew... we knew what was happening and didn't do anything until it was too late.
The US has a hand in ending the war as as does other country's but i have such a hard time even giving the US that because we didn't step in until the end... it was already to late.

How did people do such things to other people? how... does one justify this in their mind? how do you look at those people and how you were killing and torturing them and how do you... just... let that happen? how could you do that? how dare anyone do that.

It's amazing what people will do when you start to believe that a person isn't a human... that's what they said to justify this that they weren't human beings...that they had no more worth or right to live than an animal.(we treat animals better than humanity treated them.)
It is not ours to say that a person no matter what races, size, belief, or anything else that they are not human, that they don't deserve to live, to have rights.

They were human beings beautiful Human beings created in the Image of God himself just like the rest of us with family's and loved one's with talents and skills and stories with beautiful souls.

I'm sorry. To those who were wrongly Hurt and Tortured and killed for being nothing but who God created you to be.
I'm sorry we didn't stop it sooner.
I'm sorry that this thought process was even believed for a second.
I wish...that i could have done something.

But here i am, a 22 year old young woman born in the 90's in the USA in a different time and place.
Looking back on History Amazed as i always am at both the Good and the Evil of people then and now, of this world that we live in, of this world that i've inherited.
Hoping to do something good with my existence, hoping to learn from the past to not make the same mistakes and bad choices that the generations before me made.
Saying that i'm sorry for your losses, Saying that i won't forget.
Saying that i will leave this world doing everything in me to make it a better place than they way i found it when i got here. I promise
and that i hope you will do the same.