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2016-11-22 18:48:33 (UTC)

Trip to the next town


I had a good day yesterday. My mum, my aunt and I went to the nearest town. My mum wanted to buy home diffusers products as she decorates and sells them.

It was really hot and the air conditioner of the car wasn't working really well.

Most of the time I was talking to my aunt as my mum was busy with her shopping.

After that, we went to the mall and had coffee and cake, etc.
The afternoon went quickly and I didn't feel so fed up with my life.

Today, I had a busy day at home. I was doing some laundry and changed the beds and washed the dishes and cooked.

I continue to feel very tired because I am walking almost everyday. As I felt tired today I decided not walk and have a break. This afternoon I had a nap. In fact, I just relaxed. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

I still continue to have that kind of energy in my body. Last night, I could sleep about 5 hours without waking up. I went to bed really early.

I spoke with my husband a couple of times. He is coming to see us in March. I hope we can enjoy each others company.

Well, I'd better go as I don't have anything else to add to this entry.

Good energy to all of us.