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2016-11-22 18:16:08 (UTC)

Thanksgiving week

I called our mechanic guy today and let him know about that
Jeep Liberty I bought for my granddaughter. He said she could
drop it off at their garage on Thanksgiving day and they will
check it out for me next week. I am glad. She has already been
stranded once.

Only if my daughter had done what I asked. I went to test drive
the couple I had my eyes on. Neither one of them seemed right.
So, I told her to start looking up her way. So, she found this
one. I told her to have a mechanic she knows to look at it.
I wanted a diagnostic checkup. NO she did not do that. But
implied to me that it was ok. So, I went wrote a check for it...
and let them go pick it up. I did not even get a thank you
after writing a check for almost 6k. That damn car has been
nothing but trouble and now I am going to have to fix it or risk
her getting stuck somewhere in a high traffic area where any thing
could happen.


A 16 yr old girl jumped off a bridge onto interstate this week.

It was sad. She had been asking her mother to talk to her
about her problems and the woman would not give her the time
of day. Unfortunately the girl needed more help that her
mom telling her to shut up. Sad to hear.

Be kind to people. When you hear the quiver n their voice or a
tear in their eye. Stop long enough to be sure they are ok.
Call someone if you have too. But do not push them away.

I went to the hearing aid place. LOL What a scam for older
people. Level one, not so good....level two is a little
better....but for you....level three is what you need. However
Level 3 is not paid by anyone's insurance...and by the way
since you are over 22, you insurance will not pay for yours
at all. So, paying 6500 bucks for hearing aids....
NOT GONNA HAPPEN...I will be deaf.

The hormal replacement shit is sucking out loud.
Not working. Still waiting on her to call about the
so called swab test which was actually a spit test which
I had to do myself...and blood test that I had to do myself.
I sent it to a lab in Oregon. They will most likely fuck
it up. From what I am gathering about that place..they are
not too bright.

The next colon probe is next week. I will be glad
to have that over with.

I hate being old.

It is not working out.