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2016-11-22 01:58:39 (UTC)


Mood: Happy hopeful tired
Song: One way ticket by Leann Rimes
Color: Dark green

Secret Santa Is going so good!
I'm happy about it.
also... been talking more with Zoe and that's been awesome i feel really close to her right now and right now i'm having a great conversation with Jay... and i'm just in a good mood.
I feel light and i feel warm.
I got my next secret santa letter ready to mail tomorrow :) it will be 4th she said she got her second and yeah.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and then GILMORE GIRLS IS FRIDAY!!!!! and yeah...
Life is...going okay... i want to get fully over this cold and then i want to have a good holiday season and i want the rest of the year to go by as slow as possible.

I kinda feel like dancing around my room and singing songs i'm in such a good mood... I won't though cause i can't sing right now cause my voice is still so messed up.

What are some things that are making you happy right now?
What are you thankful for right now?