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2016-11-20 06:26:40 (UTC)

All Smiles

Mood: Ugh
Song: Swing life away by Rise against.
Color: dark purple.

So seeing as i am sick and i feel...just blah.
I thought i'd write about good things rather than how i'm feeling and such... as that's just depressing.
It's just a cold or something it's not that bad, i've definitely had worse it's just.... Ugh i hate being sick.
and i miss the Granite feast tomorrow. -_-
OKAY my complaining is done and now some things that i'm currently loving, or looking forward to in no particular order.

1. Coffee M&M's are amazing!
2. Chap stick is a life saver.
3. Gilmore Girls a year in the life comes out in 5 DAYS!
4. The live action remake of beauty and the beast that's coming out next year...(MY CHILDHOOD!) (this better be good -_-)
5. Thanksgiving with family.
6. Secret Santa in the girls group the giving and the receiving.
7. Christmas lights and just the season and time of year.
8. My current talks with Zoe.
9. Music of all kinds.
10. Hot Chocolate and holding the mug to warm your hands (or Coffee)
11. Hope for good things to come.
12. The idea of getting over this cold.
13. Reading the Chronicles of Narnia books to Emma.
14. Watching movies and planning to write some reviews.
15. Poetry that speaks to the soul both the reading and the writing i'm doing.
16. Fuzzy socks.
17. Girl group in general.
18. Dreaming.
19. Praying.
20. Reading.
21. My Secret santa got her first letter and liked it! Relieved.

Peace That last one just happened and she posted a picture of the paper dragon i made her and she like it! ahh that's made me all smiles! :)