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2016-11-16 05:37:23 (UTC)

Secret things about me

Mood: Okay.
Song: After today From A goofy movie
Color: Orange

Some things you may not know about me:

1. If i'm alone and feel like singing along to music i Country music is my go to, even though it's not popular.

2. I think Disney movies will never get old no matter how old i get.

3. I hate when people ask what i'm doing with my life it gives me anxiety weather i'm doing something great and have a good answer or if if don't.

4. I think Dan Howell and Phil Lester might be the most adorable people on the planet right now...

5. I wore out the The following movies as a kid: Beauty and the Beast, Little mermaid, Balto, Anastasia, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Mulan
(Yes you could actually wear out movies by watching them so much back then children...)

6. I read Fanfiction(don't judge lol)

7. I'm relieved that i think MB got my SS letter finally.

8. I don't think i'll make it past the age of 32.

9. I'm glad Donald trump won the presidential election and i'm tired of the politics and the riots and the fighting.

10. I went to a funeral today and i'm mentally preparing myself to go to another one soon that's going to hurt like hell.

11. I despise death.

12. I Considered Suicide once.

13. I can't stand the song Take me to church by Hozier i will literally leave the room or get out of a car if one of my friends starts playing it.(i'll ask them to change it and if they won't i them will remove myself from it i feel so strongly about it)

14. I mourn the sun in the winter months when it goes down at 6 instead of 9:30 like in the summer time.

15. Irrational fears: Bugs and spiders and as a child and a little bit now though i'm not as bad as when i was a kid Closed doors.

16. I feel Survivors guilt.

17. I only really dislike one color and that is Red

18. I have Synthesia
(which is a condition where one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another like when hearing a sound or word produces the visualization of a color.)
So i associate for instance numbers and months and grades with a certain color.
(I wasn't aware this was a thing until a couple of years ago... i didn't realize not everyone did this)

19. I'm a very empathetic and sensitive person i can sense emotions in people and also in places where strong emotions were felt(i'm not explaining that well at all)
but like in a room or in an object...

20. I can see auras and that is the color i always put at the beginning of my entries^.

(yes i'm weird and yes you probably know more than you ever wanted to.)