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2016-11-14 02:43:09 (UTC)

November birthdays

Man I am happy Trump won the election. I am going to get copies of
my tweets to him from a few years ago and have them copied and put
in frames. BRAGGING RIGHTS....when Donald responds to you, it is
a big deal. I actually ask him when he was going to run for President.

My son 36 years old tomorrow. Still living at home. But...we
want him here. I have said that before. I guess I hate the thought
if being here alone with him...the old man. I just do not like
to be here alone when he takes off out of town. Which he has not
done in a while, but you never know.

I go to the doctor tomorrow to discuss the previous test on my
bladder and the hormonal replacement therapy. I am going alone.
Was going to have my buddy ride with me, but I have not heard from
her...and I think I will just go alone this time.

Later this week, he goes back to start those shots in the eye
again. LORD..I hate it. But the doc said this is gonna help
it not get worse. And once we get it to a place where he no
longer needs shots, he can get glasses to help with his vision.
If not, he may not be able to go to work ever.

Bought the granddaughter a car this week. A jeep liberty. I
went and paid for it and her and her mother went after work to
pick it up. She took her time texting me to say thank you.
I was already feeling very hurt. Sick of that shit.