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2016-11-14 02:33:58 (UTC)

Words we Have

Mood: Creative
Song: Africa by Toto
Color: Magenta wit flecks of purple

This will be some of the most beautiful words in the English language (In my opinion) Since i did an entry on words i wish we had English that are in other languages i figured i'd show English some love as well.
So year here we go in no particular order.
Also today has been just.... a really great day... i cannot say that enough thank you God for that.

"To great to express in words"
(do you think it's funny that we have a word to describe something that describes something you cannot describe in words?)

2. Epoch
"A particular period of time in History or in a person's life"

3. Limerence
"The state of being infatuated with another person"
(we've all been there.)

4. Ethereal
" Extremely delicate light, not of this world"

5. Petrichor
"The pleasant earthy smell after rain"

6. Iridescent
"producing a display of rainbow like colors"

7. Epiphany
"A moment of sudden revelation"
(Gotta love that moment!)

8. Phosphens
"The light and colors produced by rubbing your eyes"

9. Vellichor
"The strange wistfulness of used books"

10. Eloquence
"The art of using language in an apt fluent way"
(I absolutely love this word, i like how it's pronounced and i like hearing people say it.)

11. Bucolic
"A lovely Rural setting
(so basically the state i was born in? the town i live in)

12. Demure
"Shy and reserved"

13. Moiety
"One of two equal parts"

14. Onomatopoeia
"a word that sounds like it's meaning"
(Boom, Crackle, Fizz)

15. Susurrous

those are just a few really random ones i mean of course i could have said "Love" "Friendship" "Music" "Joy" those are all beautiful words but i wanted to go for a bit more out of the box.

1. What's your favorite Onomatopoeia?
2. What are 3 most beautiful words in the English language in your opinion?
3. What is a word in any language that you love to pronounce?
(like: Literally, Ratatouille, Melifilious, ect)