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2016-11-13 22:18:44 (UTC)

"Whom shall i fear"

Mood: Happy, Tired.
Song: Silence
Color: Magenta

My heart is full and for now i am happy and content and i will ride the high of this good day which was brilliant for as long as i possibly can
i saw my friends and spent the day playing games and listing to music, talking and laughing and i love them so much.
There is a a warmness that comes to you when you love someone and they love you and you have history and memories and while you are all in different places in life and all constantly changing it's nice to know that some things don't.
Friendship is a beautiful and wonderful thing that i thank God for because... i don't have many. so i know what it's like to go with out and so i will cherish the good and i will hold on to it because it's something worth fighting for.
I've said this about our group, lets call it "Whom shall i fear"
"whom shall i fear" is something worth fighting for and standing for and i hope will continue to stand the test of time and change and distance.