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2016-11-11 08:19:53 (UTC)

Poem(The Writing hour)

Mood: Tired
Song: Land down under by Men at work
color: light green

Night falls and the words flow from my mind to my hands
Thoughts of you,fears and stories,farsickness for people and other lands

Slow progress with pen and paper or fingers posed to type away
eyes growing heavy as 2AM draws closer and the night begins to weigh

Longing to write and feel accomplished to quiet my mind and sleep
Light hearted song in my head contrast to me wanting to weep

I spent this whole night on all the distractions i could find
It wasn't until i was in darkness that this flooded my mind

So heavy hearted and pen in hand i'm willing myself to understand
what this sudden deaths purpose is and what God must have planned

Two in the morning has struck and i can close my eyes
Letting tomorrow worry about it's self as i sleep under night skies.