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2016-11-06 02:42:18 (UTC)


Man I was watching Trump speak in Nevada with my husband tonight
when the secret service rushed him off the stage. Heck, it happened
so fast I was unsure if he had been shot or not. I was crying and
screaming at the screen at the people to beat that SOB to death.

I could not believe how calm the crowd was. Much more calm than
it would have been here. Someone would have beat the man a new one
here. I do not think he had a gun but it did look like he was close

We were discussing this today. He seems to think that Hillary has
indeed rigged the voting machines and fraud registered people to vote
for her. And it is likely that she will win. Not sure how any
person in their right mind could vote for someone like her. She
is so corrupt, the American people would not even believe how much.

There is talk now that she was aware that Weiner was texting photos
of his private to under age girls. Some 15 if not younger. She
did not say anything to stop it. Then I hear them reading some of
those recently found emails discussing how this mother is going
to bring her 11, 9, and 7 yr old to join one of the men that works
for Hillary in a hot tub for some extra entertainment. HUH?
I told my husband surely that was simply taken out of content.
He reminded me of other things that have been said recently
so I guess this is correct. Lord have mercy.

We do not need a wicked evil woman like this....
as our leader.