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2016-11-04 14:50:33 (UTC)

November 4th 2016

WOW, what an election we have going on. I am so happy Trump
decided to run. Hearing the leaks of information informing us
of the bullshit our leaders have been involved in is heart breaking.
It is not only that, but down right scary.

I worked on moving some old furniture to the donation center
and rearranging some things around here I have seen him make
no efforts to do anything. But he did help me that stuff.

I will be getting another tv a smaller one for the kitchen
area and my officer area so I can cook, do work in there and
at least watch the news. I have been wanting to do that for
a very long time.

I am a doer, not a talker like him.

I feel better today and knowing that stuff is done helps to feel that way.

I went to the bar to meet my friend for a couple drinks the other day.
I was wearing my hearing aid. At least one of them. Only one
works. So, yesterday during all the rearranging and cleaning...
I misplaced that hearing aid. I thought that maybe I had taken
it out and it was in my car. I checked this morning and it was
not there.
So, I checked the washing machine....and it was in there. I washed
it with the sheets I took off my bed. OMG. I was shocked when
I put in a new battery and that darn thing was working.
Wearing it now in fact.

Although it does not work too good.
I go later this month to see about getting new ones.
My insurance will most likely not pay for them...
and if they cost 5k or something...fuck it.
I will just use this one.

I have not heard from the annoying client lately.
Last thing she wanted to know was how to get in
touch with her home warranty folks She was ready
to start bugging the hell out of them I guess...
and they had not even had time to process the
account. I hope she figured that out. My not
attending the closing...or letting her know....
probably made her mad.

I do not give a shit.

I had to unplug myself from real estate for three days...
just to recover from this bitch. I can not deal with
stupid people....who think they are brilliant.

Hard to explain things to people who already know they
are right...and you are wrong...

I just could not take it.

Yesterday, I worked on some paperwork for an upcoming
short sale my daughter is involved in. I have her set..
and I await my check from the last closing and hope
we have that other listing under contract soon.

I talked to my buddy about going on a cruise.

But where?
Is it safe?

We shall wait till after the election and talk again.