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2016-11-03 04:40:44 (UTC)

Video call

Mood: Happy
Song: Chasing the Sun by the Wanted
Color: Magenta

I had my first Video call/ chat what ever you want to call it with Zoe tonight she surprised me by the call and i was so nervous i almost didn't answer but i did and i'm so glad we talked on video for about 40 minutes before she had to go and take care of something with the kids but speaking of the kids i got to talk to them to and my whole heart is just...melted i'm gone. i'm floating.
I love them so much and i hope for more video calls and of course a long long good lasting friendship it's been four years...
I love having pepals and just knowing people and talking about how things are so different and laughing at the cultural differences

I love Zoe's Australian accent. :)

on another note while it has still been rather warm here it's officially winter as the sun is down and it's dark by 6:30 and i'm starting my normal winter Mourning of the sun thing again...
Like it's almost a literal Mourning there's a tightening in my stomach and a longing for the summer months where it's 10:00 before the sun is down.
I love the fall it's a tie for my favorite season with summer but the loss of the sun is not one of the things that i love about it.
But on the other hand i know that my loss of the sun is for instance Zoe's gain of it on the other side of the world where their day's are getting warmer and it was 3 in the afternoon when it's late night here and i liked seeing the sun even if it was through a camera.
It's beautiful there and so green like spring time here but that's normal as she said things have been so wet lately i guess things would be very green.
I'm feeling tired and know i should go to sleep so as i do have a busy day tomorrow, i'm glad i had gotten all my stuff together and was all ready before zoe's call... or i'd be rushing around like crazy instead of writing a happy quick entry before trying to sleep..
might read for a while as that will help me sleep.
I should talk to jay soon as well i've been missing him and we haven't really talked in a couple of weeks maybe i'll get a chance tomorrow.

anyway's i'm just genuinely happy and i wanted to write something while i was to capture that moment and that feeling and record it.
I feel warm and happy and hopeful and like my thoughts and ideas of visiting zoe and really being a part of her life...aren't so far fetched.
I hope she feels the same way i do.