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2016-10-31 04:26:49 (UTC)

Dear Kolina

Hi... we haven't talked in over a year now, and we haven't really talked in much longer...it's just been over a year since i was doing something and it made me think of you so i texted you and told you and i told you about it and how it made me think of you and how we used to do that all the time, literally every sleep over we'd spend countless hours trying to beat Rayman 2 the great escape that and play countless Competitive rounds of Mario Kart on my old Nintendo 64(yes i'm showing my age a bit here and yours as well it always bothered me that you were older but...you'll always be older and now that were adults it doesn't matter lol)
But we had fun... a lot of fun, we were by no means at the time gamer's and i certainly am not a gamer now.
I still like the old school though i haven't played any video game in a long time let alone any new ones.
But if i played games it was with you, and until your BF came back into the picture if you played games it was with me.
Your married now to him, I'm happy if you are you know? that was always my line when it came to him. guess that's what your supposed to say when your childhood best friend marries your Childhood bully.(life is weird)
and you have a kid and a kid on the way...wow congrats to you.

But anyways... the point is every now and then i still think of you, not often, and not in a negative manner.
usually when i am doing something, watching something, see something that reminds me of you and i'll smile as a remember... but its sad cause when i do do those things and you randomly pop into my head i wish we had the type of friendship that lasted where i could still call or text you and be like guess what i just did... or hey you'll never guess what i just saw! and it wouldn't be awkward and we could just pick up where we left off you know? i have a few friendships like that.
But i do understand and have resigned myself to the fact that maybe it's better that we aren't close any more, we both have very different lives and we don't collide anymore but if we were still close....
here are 5 things i would say to you at 11:00PM on a Sunday night (Now)

1. I do care about you, i always will despite all the up's and downs and all the hard things we put each other through.
If you needed me i'd be there for you still cause i love you and i always will i'm a forever friend i don't give up on people.
Time and distance don't change that we were once important to each other and in each other's lives.

2. There is a game app version of Raymon and it's actually pretty cool i mean it's no N64 with flying raymon in tornado's but it's awesome and when i saw it i freaked out and downloaded it and wanted to show someone and tell someone but your the only person in my life has ever or will ever appreciate the amazing-ness and the nostalgia.

3. Your Children are beautiful, i hope you raise them right in the Church and in the Shadow of Jesus Christ, i pray that they will not suffer some of the hurts we did as children by our family's, and friends... you know what i mean when i say this.
I pray that they will make forever friends and that they will have many blessings on their lives.

4. I Hope you are well, and healthy and happy and living the life that you alway's hoped you would. I hope that life gives you the best it has to offer and i hope that you don't become to safe and to scared to branch out of your comfort zone when it comes to doing things that make you happy and that your meant to do...your life has purpose.

5. It was worth it. all of it the time, the anger, the sadness, the stress, the happiness, the joy, the jokes the smiles, the Laughs the secrets, the stories, the work, the history...
The friendship was worth it to me. I hope it was to you too.

You friend always.