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2016-10-28 22:17:10 (UTC)

Finally under contract...

After I almost had that place sold to someone is finally
back on the calendar to close on Monday. The little fellow found a job.
So, we are closing on Monday.

I have had to explain every detail..over and over....

"yes your taxes will be paid for this year and prorated. line 10 is
a refund to you for that."

"No, that amount will not change on Monday, this disclosure statement
was prepared for the date on Monday."

"if your taxes were paid out of escrow, then you will not be
paying them again....but you will receive a refund, refer to
line 10"


I have already made arrangements not to go to the closing on Monday.
I told the broker for the buyer to take the key when she does her
walk through. I will stop by to get the lockbox and signs...while they
are at closing....if I am not there when they do walk through.
I AM NOT going to closing. Not getting paid enough to go...
not getting paid enough to have to put up with this woman who does
not understand what I say...over and over...same questions....
it has been a nightmare.

I WILL NEVer sell myself out like this again.


Spent the afternoon or some of it with the old man. We went
shopping and then out to eat a late lunch. He is being so sweet.
Sweeter now than he has ever been. I guess the thought of being
alone is making him think that he best step it up. I have been
talking about moving out for some time now...
and he finally understands that I can afford to do so...
without his help.

I am that successful. LOL


Okay...I am staying here. I am not leaving my damn house.
Hell, I got a garage.