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2016-10-26 18:52:32 (UTC)

Poetry And Today

Mood: Tired wish i was back in bed :P
Song: A Dan and Phil YouTube Video
color: Bronze and Green

This is something that i wrote in the early hours of the morning when i couldn't sleep last night.
It's about....My life and some of the things i've experienced and aspects of my personality ect. and also a weird thing about me not being able to see my life past 32... yes i'm weird.
So here it is:

It may sound morbid to you
I can't see me past thirty-two

It's not a promise r a threat
Not for sure or a bet

It's unknown but still i feel
It's important and it's actually real

If this is my last decade
what of me will be conveyed?

That i lived well but fast?
Like every day was my last

Or that i changed for good
That i did everything i could

Lived, Loved, and was a friend
fought the fight until the end

That i acted and i spoke
Of life's purpose not a joke

This is what I've left behind
this is my life in rewind

Trying to force words that rhyme
Into reality in my spare time

Flashes of color sound of song
Scribbles on paper doodles gone wrong

Hurt feelings and Mountain top Highs
Smiling laughter and painful unsaid goodbyes

Trying to be hopeful dreaming dreams
Knowing nothing is what it seems

Reading Fantasy and traveling far away
Trusting God and remembering to pray

Being too honest to a fault
Also keeping secrets in a vault

Living with anxiety and being shy
Being lonely only to just deny

So here's to how i grew
Everything me is all from you

"Miss you's" and memories in my mind
Time running faster robbing us blind.

That's that...

Anyways today is grow and i'm always so exhausted after...too many children!
way to many children...( i know it's not a bad problem to have but it is really hard to deal with that many kids with so little help.
I am ready for colder weather and for Christmas I love the holidays
Guess i should go get ready for Grow... wish me luck and sanity!