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2016-10-23 00:56:17 (UTC)

Saturday at home with sick people

My son was sick last week. My husband is sick this weekend. I am
playing nurse. I was up early this morning wiping everything down
with the Lysol wipes...hoping he start getting over this
tomorrow. I bet I will be down with it next. It is my turn.

I feel so bad. I am hurting constantly. Not sure if the congestion
in my chest is lungs or what. When I go to doctor and mention
it, they can not hear any congestion. But I feel it...hear it
gurgling too. I think it could be sinus drainage. That is what
one of them said. I honestly do not think most of them
know what they are talking about.

I have been to two dermatologist about my skin and scalp. No one
has yet to heal it. Just give me some shampoo to use. That is
about it. Does not work. I am concerned too about my arms..
upper arms where I had the breakout for months. I have finally
got the break out under control, but my arms are so sore. I feel
like someone has punched know...on both arms. Sore as
heck. Is that a sign of something worse? Could I have some sort
of skin cancer that is deep inside my tissue now? I am unsure.

I caught up all my work today. Sent emails about the property
to all agents who have seen it. Mailed out flyers to some of
the others in that area. And sent documents to two brokers
asking about my commercial property.

I updated my website a few days ago. I finally changed my bio where
it now says that I am the broker in charge. The boss likes it this
way, and I do not see it changing anytime soon. He has no idea
though that I feel like shit.

I am hoping when I go back to the doctor (lady doctor...cootie)
and she can tell me about that bladder test and change the
hormonal replacement to the swab thing...instead. Not sure
what will happen. Then, the colonoscopy has to be done again
on Dec. 1st. Once that is over with...
after the holidays, I intend to order some Nutri-system in Jan.
I have used it before and it worked for me. I can do this again.

And if I have too I will join the YMCA again. He said he would walk
with me, but that has not happened. He said he would take me and sit
in the truck so I can walk and feel safe. Not happened. Just talk.

Lots of things with him is just talk.

Tonight though..he reminded me that we been together 28 yrs.