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2016-10-22 23:59:51 (UTC)

Fiction Bucket list

Mood: Tired
Song: Safe by Westlife
Color: Navy blue

So we all have bucket list items that we want to do, i have some on this diary but i stumbled onto fiction bucket lists last night when i was unable to sleep like usual.
But omg fiction bucket list...wow the things you would do if you could with all the characters from your favorites books and shows and movies.. all the different worlds you could go to and impossible things you could do.... I love this idea and so i am going to start listing some of the things that are on my fiction bucket list in no particular order and i might be splitting this up into parts it just depends.

1. Skip Graduation and go to the paper town of Algoe New York with Quinton, Ben, Radar and lacy to find Margo Roth Spiegelman.

2. Ride a Thestral with Luna Lovegood

3. Go to Narnia with the Pevencies

5. Read books with belle in the beasts castle library.

6. Find a dragon Egg and become a dragon rider like Eragon

7. Share some honey with pooh and bounce with tigger

8. Count by twos and tie shoes with Franklin

9. Bake cakes with peeta

10. Design Clothes with Cinna

11. See Finnick Odar in his Underwear.

12. Have a wand choose you at Olivanders wand shop

13. Fight a titan war with Percy and Annabeth

14. Be one of the March sisters

15. Be rescued by prince Arthur and Merlin

16. Use the Muraders Map for some mischief with Moony, Padfoot and Prongs.

17. Fly on a magic carpet with Aladdin to find the Lamp

18. Travel Time with the Doctor

19. Go on adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow

20. Go into the loop of September 3rd 1940 with Jacob to meet the peculiar children.

21. Solve the mystery of Boo Radley with Jem and scout

22. Travel to Neverland with peter pan and play games with the lost boys.

23. Be the Star Lilliandil and marry prince Caspian.

24. Be a kind or Queen of Narnia because once a king or queen of Narnia alway's a king or queen of Narnia.

25. Play poker with Hawkeye, Radar, Col. Potter, BJ, Margret, Klinger and Father Mulcahy in the swamp.

26. Live in space and meet aliens with Zenon

27. Go to Halloween town the Marnie Piper Cromwell

28. Solve mystery's with the: Hardy boys, Nancy drew, and the Boxcar kids.

29. Follow the Yellow brick Road with Dorathy, Scarcrow, Tinman and Lion

30. Break the rules and change the world for the better with the Poet, the physic and the pilot.(Matched)

31. Be apart of the the selection and Marry Prince Maxon while being completely defiant and strong and brave.

32. Go to Remus Lupin's DADA class.

33. Save Eleven from the Lab in stranger things and be her friend.

35. Ride the Polar Express

36. Meet Ebeneezer Scrooge after a Christmas carol.

37. Be Divergent like Tris and Four

38. Live under the sea like a mermaid

39. Live in Stars Hallow and be Good friends with Lorelai and Rory and Sooki and Lane and Luke!

40. Be friends with Cory, Shawn and Topanga

41. Become an Animagus.

42. Help Mulan save China

43. Go to Teribithia with Jess and Leslie

44. Talk to animals like Dr. Dolittle

45. Ride through the tunnel with Charlie, Sam and Patrick and feel infinite.

46. Spend a Summer with the Tucks.

47. Go into the Loony Toon world and play basket ball with them and Micheal Jordan

48. Help Jonas Get him and Gabriel to the edge of nowhere to return the memories to everyone.

49. Be in a Relationship with Damon Salvator

50. Be a soul skater with Brink

Okay this list is so long and could be longer so i think i'm going to end it here and maybe revisit it and add onto it later.
what would be on your fiction bucket list?