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2016-10-20 23:35:31 (UTC)

It never stops

Man, I thought that damn closing would be today...but no. It did
not happen. I was so upset yesterday I had to call the lawyer in
Raleigh to discuss the situation. I was thinking since today was
the closing date, I would be able to put the house back to Active
status tomorrow, but no. There is a grace period of 14 days. I
can not do that until Nov. 3rd. And I will.

It will start being shown again next week. I have had to start
dealing with the seller again. Constant questions and text. This
has been a night mare.

Anyway I am hurting more. I been having to change the pee pads
very often. Went up a size. Still have to change a lot.
Pee smells horrid. I am a mess.

But I will have to deal.

I got a call today from a realtor who wants to see the
commercial property. I made arrangements for the boss to
show it to him in the morning. I won't have to drive there.
I am hurting so bad. Do not want to let him know too.

He is looking good and doing better. But he is not ready to
take over yet. I saw him last week. He is gaining his weight
back and I am still gaining or holding it on pretty study.

My body aches. ALL OVER I feel swollen.

I go next week to have hearing checked and order hearing aides

My husband goes back to eye doctor again. Hoping he gets good
news. Those shots in the eye seem horrible.

I bet we will go to IHOP that day though.

I had a busy weekend last week. This weekend, I need to take
it easy. I really need to locate a place for us to go vote.

I can not stand in line for two hours. That won't be happening.