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2016-10-19 05:35:32 (UTC)

Music mood swings

Mood: Creative and accomplished
Song: Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson
Color: Orange with flecks of Navy blue

I know it's the middle of October but I've been thinking about Christmas today and spent some time looking up ideas and stuff for gifts for people and some recipes i want to try and while i haven't listened to any yet i'm like happy for Christmas music! like it just has a homey nostalgic warm feeling that comes with Christmas music.
Or is that just me? lol

As per usual i'm just ready for Halloween to be over... it's causing controversy...I can't even believe my mother is considering it.
(We don't celebrate Halloween and never have as far back as i can remember which growing up was another thing my friends found weird about me/us but what ever. it's not as big of a deal now that i'm an adult it wasn't that big of a deal when i was a kid either i guess.
but since we moved my mother is considering it and i'm amazed but she's conflicted and i understand her views either way.
I guess as a kid i developed a dislike for Halloween because it was something that seemed huge that we weren't allowed to have anything to do with and i remembered that it effected other things too like TV all the Halloween movies and Tv shows would come one that we weren't allowed to watch and idk i just grew to not like October because of all this that seemed to interrupt our lives yet we weren't supposed to participate.
So i think when someone say's Halloween i have a negative gut reaction when most people have a excited happy reaction.
i know i'm weird.

But seeing as it is the time of Halloween i wanted to give it a tiny bit of a shout out with some music!
Typical Halloween songs:

1. Thriller by Micheal Jackson
2. This is Halloween from nightmare before Christmas
3. The Monster Mash by...?
4. Witch doctor which i can do the high pitched chip monk voice to
5. Jeepers Creepers.

Yeah that's about it.

I have gotten in some drawing the past two days two new drawings and finished up some unfinished older ones and they are now on my wall and that is part of why i feel accomplished today and creative on top of the looking through Christmas present ideas(DIY) mostly.
I Drew 11 from stranger things!!!! omg it turned out better than i expected i mean it's not like amazing I'm not grand artist but i was proud of it i like it and in the end i guess that's all that matters

my music preferences seem to be very... multiple personalitys lately i mean i go from Brooks and Dunn to Green day to Disney music to Micheal Jackson. and such...
If you saw my youtube history..... you'd literally be shaking your head and thinking how do you go from this type of music to the next? and honestly moods change like the weather and i like what ever song suits my mood at that moment.

So right now i recommend the following songs because they are amazing
1. Somewhere out there by Linda Ronstadt and James ingram
2. Far away by Nickleback
3. Time of your life by Greenday
4. My name is By Matthew west
5. Bleed red by Ronnie Dunn
6. Africa by Toto
7. The man who can't be moved by the Script
8. Stand for you by Jonny Diaz
9. You found me by The Fray
10. Wild things by Alessia Cara
11. Church Bells by Carrie Underwoodd
12. Independence day by Martina McBride
13. What a wonderful world by Lewis Armstrong
14. Heads Carolina tails California by Jo Dee Messina
15. I can go the distance from the Disney movie Hercules

That'a all for now!