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2016-10-12 22:43:07 (UTC)

Beautiful lines

Mood: Ugh...
Song: Green day 21 guns
Color: Purple with silver specks

I've been looking at a lot of poetry lately both my own from the past as i haven't done a lot of writing lately and of course the poetry of amazing poets both famous and not.
And i'm getting inspired to write... so i thought i'd share the inspiration by telling you some of what i think are the most beautiful lines of poetry and of course there are so many that i couldn't list even all of my favorites let alone all of them in general but here are just a few that come to mind in no particular order

1. "I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only, I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary"
From Variation on the word sleep by Margret Atwood
(This poem is beautiful on so many levels and i have a hard time just picking one little tidbit to put here so i highly recommend you reading the poem and if you have before go read it again!)

2. "My thoughts are grown uneager and depressed though being always mine
my fancy's wings are moulted and the feathers blown away
I weary for desires never guessed for alien passions, strange imaginings
to be some other person for a day.'
The Starling By Amy Lowell
(I think we all go through times where we grow bored of our own selves and our own lives( that's why writers write and actors act, it's why we like books and movies because we escape ourselves for a while and imagine ourselves someone else and i think this is an honest way f saying that.)

3. "Love at lips was touch, as sweet as i could bare
And once that seemed to much, I lived on air"
To earthward by Robert frost
( There will probably be other Robert frost lines in this... no doubt but this...is how i would describe love when you first start feeling it.)

4. "How i love him true, It could have been you
As for you, and your love for she, it could have been me
but we were a maybe and never a must when it should have been us"
Almost by Land Leav
(It's a short poem but it packs a punch i think and i love it a lot i think it inspires to take a chance on someone instead of hesitating)

5. "I wake to sleep and take my waking slow
I feel my fate in what i cannot fear
I learn by going where i have to go"
(This is another one of those i have to say to you go read it because it's amazing and totally worth it it's hard to pick a part i like the best when the whole things is great...but i find that the lines above mean a lot to me)

I have to cut this short with the promise of a part 2.
more to come.