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2016-10-11 23:40:17 (UTC)

What the hell

I am worked so hard for the passed few weeks trying to get this
property closed. One thing after another. The foundation needed
repairs...could not believe the amount it cost. Then, the septic
tank needed replaced. Then, this storm. The lawyer learned that
when these sellers bought the property 18 yrs ago, the people that
they bought it from were paying off a second mortgage and some other
lean that was attached to the deed. Well, those things were paid
at that closing according to the cloing statement...but when the
title search was conducted, it still should those two items still
on it. So, we have been trying to get that done too.

The buyers wanted invoices for the repairs...still do not have
any...just a list of who did the repairs. The damn guy who did
the foundation has been asked for a month produce at least
a list of what he actually did. Still do not have it.

I was told weeks ago that the deed issue was taken care of.
They even sent documentation showing so. But there it is..
still on the deed as a unpaid lean. So, hell, we may not
close at all.

Then my daughter had some realtor given her grief about a house
she has listed..about the price being too high. So, I ran the
comps myself...and they are correct. It is too high. No wonder
it has not sold. So, I gave her some advice on what too do.
Being the broker in charge, I just have to step up sometimes and
make the decisions. So, I did.

I meet her later this week to pay for tires being installed on
my granddaughters car...and give her some new signs. She has been
working at a new job during the day and still does real estate.
I have bills to pay from this closing...and then I will owe
nothing to anyone.

Then, I can start again trying to save more.
I wanted to go to OAK ISLAND till Jan. But with this damn
storm tearing everything up...including many roads between
here and there...I guess I will just stay home.

Lots of things going on. Some I have no control over.
But tomorrow...we walk through that house. If that deed issue
is not handled by then, I will have to tell them. It became
a problem being solved to now a material fact that must be
revealed. I hate it.

I treated myself to a manicure today. At least I got that.