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2016-10-07 21:12:25 (UTC)

And the wind blows

Been a rough few days knowing too many people in Florida and other
coastal areas. Most of them are up here for now, but worried about
what they will return home too. It will be a mess. Storms like
this cause me to hesitate about coastal property. At least on the
east coast.

Could get something in Malibu, if I was a rich bitch, which I am
not. But they do not seem to be bombarded with storms on that side.

However, they do have to be concerned about Russia. LOL Whoops.
Yes, and then there is Russia.

What to think?

I am working my ass off making sure that everyone has what they
think they may need for the closing next week. Hoping the one
the week after runs smoother. I am going to be so happy to
be out of this one though. Very difficult people. What is this...
why did they send this too I pay it now...what is it again...
can you explain that Earnest Deposit one more time? I am exhausted.

Hoping not to have anything else till January. But you can bet
if I do not...I will be here complaining about business being slow.

LOL I just can not be happy.

I am going to get my hearing checked again and order hearing aids.
Sick of being left out. Or not being able to hear. It is horrible. month I go back to hormonal doc and talk about that
bladder test that was done last week...and get her to change what
I am taking does not seem to be working much at all.
I am still waking up sweating...and I feel foggy headed....
no energy....and peeing in my damn pants...having to wear

I can finally feel the stress going away...

He is home more work for him this year either.
He is actually talking about getting something done around

I have my recycler. But my room is still in need to paint, get the
carpet up...and a new bed. We are making some changes.

I wanted to go to the beach to live for a month...but he does not
want me to go alone. I have no one to ask. The only three people
I know that do not have, well, she baby sits...
one is hooked on pain pills..and talks constantly...never stopping.
The other one is surrounded by drama....a cokehead bf and a daughter
on heroin. I can not ask anyone. All my friends are messed up.

So, guess I will be roughing it here...and when he actually
starts doing something....hell will freeze when that
happens, you will all know....he picked up a damn hammer.