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2016-10-05 20:30:40 (UTC)

Update on everything so far

Well, I have upset the business woman friend if you can call her that.
One, she has a daughter living in her house with the grandkid. The daughter is a heron addict so she says..and beats the living hell
out of her. She had bruises all over her arms and she blamed it all on the daughter.

I let her borrow some cash a few weeks ago. She called in desperate sounding acting like something had past her thought process and was due the following Monday. I met her the day before and let her have the cash. I did not know that by then, she had already let her cocaine addicted boyfriend who she is older than...could be his mother in fact....

then this weekend she calls me up...upset as hell....crying about how her life is falling apart...and lets it slip that oh yeah, she took him back...he did not have anywhere else to go....and I told her then...
well, apparently if he is there, he had you to go too.

Then, she starts in on how he got drunk, pushed her around...started in on her daughter....and the next morning had no memory of it at all. She was crying...upset...once again. Not taking the advice. And I have decided that she is addicted to something herself..even if it is only drama...she is addicted to it.

In her rant about her horrible weekend..she mumbled something about how she did not know if she could stay with him for the rest of her life....
and at that moment.....although I tried not too say it....
I did.

I told her she was wasting her time....being with him. there was no way in hell he would ever stay with her for the rest of her a few years..she will be older and he will still be young...and he will find someone closer to his own age. YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR TIME WITH HIM......

time you will never get back.


I have not heard from her since.

I do not have drama here. I live a peaceful life. We know when the
trash needs to be taken out.....we know when the toilet paper is
running low...or when we need to cut grass.....we do what we need to do...and live another day.

I decided a long time ago not to have a bunch of unnecessary fucking drama in my life....

it is sad to hear.

I hate it for her. she is a real sweet person....

just does not think enough of herself to not allow such crap in her

I cleaned the closet a long time ago.

She should too.