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2016-10-03 02:04:16 (UTC)

October already

Two closing next week and I am ready to get some bills paid off and
put some back for my resting time. Yeah, I said it, resting time.

I have two more things going on..which is holding me here in place.
But the drama that is rising around me is causing me to take

One...having friends that do not work...that have nothing much
going on...except the fact they have nothing going on...well,
them. One lives with her daughter and claims to have no life car, no money, nothing. Still wants to go out and see
live music and does not even think it is wrong to ask someone else
to take her. NOT ME SUNSHINE NOT ME. She has one of those
Obama phones...she can text, but she can't call. So, when something
is going on, instead of a call or a voice message...I get that
sound, one right after another which warns me of the never ending
text messages... they ring...and it is so annoying. I told her
I was taking the text feature off my phone...and then I blocked
her number. She had got out of hand texting early in the morning...
I guess she does not realize that the phone still can wake someone
up with a text.

Then, another friend the drama friend...with the 4 grown kids...
two living with her..and her bf who is bout same age as one of her alcoholic.....her daughter is on herion. And she is
getting her ass beat by her daughter..and now her drunk bf is
screaming at her..keeping her nerves tore up all the time.

I am about two seconds from blocking her number too. I do not
have time for all the drama. I do not want drama in my life.

She is not as smart as I thought she was. Not smart at all.

Sick of it.