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2016-09-29 23:02:04 (UTC)

Random words

Mood: Tired
Song: None
Color: Blue with Yellow specks

This is something i wrote last night/ this morning which ever way you want to look at it and i have had no time today to post it and i wasn't sure i was going to post it at all considering it's not great at all.
But it's my feelings recently and so here goes nothing it's a poem and it has no name.

"See you in my minds eye feel your warmth in my memory
There's so much in my heart that's bound to die with me
yet i write words that people won't understand even if they see
A pink carpet room, your laugh and time that was carefree

Living in the land of the crazies with changes coming closing in
with the noise and the chaos, turmoil sinking underneath my skin
my faith is running out, crumbling and my hope is running thin
but thanks to you i'm strong enough to stand and begin again

Don't despise my humble beginnings i'm better now than i was yesterday
you can knock me down but i'm not that easy to sway
I'm standing on black,white and red you can have the grey
I've got someone who's got my back and we're here to stay

A little house, a small town, A brick church, a spoken word
people i love both in crystal clear and some memories are blurred
These people built me in character and in action, things written and heard
It's both the good and the bad the building up and the absurd.

that's that...
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