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2016-09-27 22:58:44 (UTC)

What the hell?

Chill pill chill pill calling all chill pill takers. It is time.
Open up your bottle, take one out and lets shove that bad boy
in our mouths...and swallow it.

I will NEVER under no circumstances EVER list a house with a
well and or a septic tank. What a Load of crap...I have never
in my business life had to go through so much jumping over please the health department, the loan company
and even more so..the buyers. The damn house was built in the 60's. It is not a new house. Lots of work has been done....lots of money
has been spent. Now we learn...
that the damn septic tank probably needs to be replaced.

Loan company says not to worry..we will close anyway.

But I can not let my buyers purchase a house that needs a damn
septic tank replaced. NOT HAPPENING ON MY WATCH....

plus this woman is brilliant...she researches on her own...
ask the right questions and gets her own answers...I hope
she does decide to go into real estate...I would work with her
if I had a chance....but she can do whatever she wants. I like
someone who talks...ask questions...and gets things done.

I have worked my ass off on this one.

I bet I have taken more chill pills....since I listed this my entire life. Seriously.

I am not sure if it will go to closing or not...

we shall see....maybe I will know something by the end
of the week.

Tomorrow....I step into the commercial arena. I will be
showing that property to a guy who seems very interested..
and I get to see the boss again....too. YEAH...

KFC for dinner too.