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2016-09-27 07:01:37 (UTC)

I"m still here

Mood: Fine
Song: Chances by Five for Fighting
Color: Silver

It seems like i'm going through another phase of my life where i'm alone and it's not that i don't have friends and it's not that i'm not talking to them semi Regularly/Regularly.
It just feels like i don't see them and they and i have just have different lives that don't collide like they did and i'm on my own right now.
It's only bad on certain days... for the most part being alone doesn't bother me and i basically thrive being alone.
I'm taking care of my family and dealing with the anxiety and just feeling lost... like normal.

Beyond that^
Ah there's a lot that's going to be going on in the next week or so the 125th, GA's Visit, got to go to Lawton some time this week, Grow starts tomorrow(YAY -_-) (can you feel my sarcasm?)

On the Upside the weather is cooler and beautiful and it makes me so excited for fall my favorite season i think...tied with summer.
I want to take pictures and hang out with friends and drink coffee and enjoy the season and the last few months of this year even if i didn't do half the things i said i would... i ended up doing all the things i said i wouldn't *shakes head and smiles*
Life is so weird, how things are are so weird and unpredictable but you know what?
For the most part i am happy, i am content.
Which is something i couldn't imagine this time of year last year...
wow it's almost been a year since we left. it's almost been a year since we moved isn't that crazy?
It's scary and right and sad and hopeful.
It's many things that i don't have words for, i miss some things about the past the people mostly but like i said for the most part i'm content with my life, with the hand i was dealt.

Chance are only what we make them...and all i need.