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2016-09-25 00:20:36 (UTC)

A week later

I have not been hurting so much as I was. I still feel like
crap though. Been busy this week. So, today I took it easy.
I even cut my phone off late last night so I could sleep late.

I did not get up to take a shower or start to do anything today
until 4pm. And it started.

My phone was a man interested in my commercial property.
He said he found me on the internet? I am not too sure if that
is true or not. But after talking to the boss, he seems to
think that the man has been talking to the owner. So, if this
is true...he wants it. And if that is true. FINALLY!

Then a little later...I got a text from the cash lady wanting to
see a property tomorrow. Last time we were to see something, it
went under contract and the designer realtor cancelled our appointment.
I am not a designer realtor....I am a regular person type. things going on this week.

Going to meet her tomorrow..
and meeting that guy on Wednesday...

and Thursday, I go get my bladder tested. OUCH!

The other two things....are going ok...

still scheduled to close on both of them...
and stuff are all going well.


Then there is Charlotte.

GOD HELP US....I am not sure what to think.

I hate it for everyone.....wish it had not happened like that.