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2016-09-21 02:27:47 (UTC)

Main Events

Mood: Anxious
Song: Halleluja By Rufus wainwrite
Color: Bronze

So much writers block it's not even funny... -_-
i don't actively try to go this long without writing you know?
it just happens and i feel horrible every time because i let myself down because i say that i'm going to write frequently.
But i know that coming up in the next month or so that i'm going to have plenty to write about...well that make me feel better.

Mom's shoulder surgery is tomorrow and she's super nervous understandable, we all are nervous i think because we all want her to come out of it fine and be better in the end and just the whole thing go smoothly and my nerves are getting to me, well her nerves and my nerve actually dad's too (yes i can feel the emotions of those around me if i'm close to them it's easier.

If you pray... send some her way.
If you don't some positive thoughts to her would be great.

Next month is the 125th anniversary party, Emma's birthday, GA's visit and It's October and Fall and i hope to get to see some friends and hang out with them more.
Then it's November Mom's banquet, Thanksgiving, and B's birthday which i'm excited about because i've been waiting to giver her her presents for what seems alike for ever now.
Then it's December, Christmas!
And then New years and omg i'm freaking out!

Of course it won't just go by like that that fast but those are a few, not all but a few of the main events coming up.
I still want to do some sort of secret Santa with friends and stuff.

Guess that's all for now i should be in bed since i have to get up so early tomorrow which reminds me i have to set my alarm!