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2016-09-17 13:49:29 (UTC)

Disregard everything before this


I woke up hurting like hell this morning in my ovary area. Same
area I had the sonogram on a couple years ago...I will be so glad
to finally know what is going on with me hopefully before I just
die and the family has to learn from an autopsy.

I have been going back and forth helping my daughter get the
contracts ready to present an offer on one of her listings.
It is not easy working with people who are not here. Plus
when they do not understand how to fax. LORD!

I think she is about ready now though.

I have to ride to the house being inspected today. I tried
to explain to the buyers it is not usual to be present during
an inspection...since they will just be in the way and asking
questions will hold things up...

Oh no...they coming anyway...and bringing a small child...
very small...runs all over the place...

I am not staying...

just gonna unlock the door..and go back to see if they tore
anything up.