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2016-09-17 04:28:01 (UTC)

Going wacko these days

Lord have mercy. I will never do the dual agency ever again. It
is way too stressful and I hate it. Not getting paid enough to have
to deal with both sides and all the things they do or complain about.

I got a buyer who text me about 10 times a day. I have scheduled
inspections needed to satisfy the loan officer to help them get
things done on time. But she still comes up with things that most
people do not even think about.

HEY PEOPLE? When you buy an old house. You know one that is as old
as you...maybe 1965? Guess what? It is old. Some updates will not
make it like new. Only a new house is like new.

Seriously. No one will even as old as I am will know what the
building codes were that long ago or even if they kept records yet.

THen...the other side? Holy shit. There are three liens attached
to the title that should have been paid off when the people selling it
bought it. I saw the paperwork that clearly shows it was. Or it
was supposed to be. Surely they do balancing of the books...and
would have wondered where the extra funds came from...or did someone
stash those funds into their pockets and maybe that is why it is
not paid off HMMMMM? Not sure what to think or even if we are
going to close or not.

time will tell. I have about done all I can for these too..
it is in the hands of fate at this point.

I reached out to two sellers today....hoping to line something
else up after I get this one or two done.


he went back to work...did ok today.

It was nice to have the house to myself. I almost wanted
to go buy pot. LOL But I did not.