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2016-09-15 22:52:24 (UTC)

Because i'm bored

Mood: Smiling for the moment
Song: Ease by Troye Sivan
Color: Yellow with Blue flecks

With out farther ado i am going to sort random people/ Characters into HP houses.

Chronicles of Narnia Characters:
Peter: RavenClaw
Susan: Hufflepuff
Edmond: Slytherin
Lucy: Gryffindor
Caspian: Ravenclaw

Hunger Games Characters:
Katniss Gryfindor
Gale: Slytherin
Peeta: Hufflepuff
Prim: Ravenclaw
Cinna: Gryffindor
Finnick: Grffindor
Annie: Hufflepuff
Haymitch: Ravenclaw

Random Actors/Actrisses:
Jim Carey: Slytherin
Meryl steep: Gryffidor
Cameron Diaz: Slytherin
Julia Roberts: Hufflepuff
Johnny Depp: Ravenclaw
Morgan Freeman: Slytherins
Harrison Ford: Huffpuff
Leonardo decaprio: Slytherin
Hilary duff: Hufflepuff
Eminem: Ravenclaw
Sandra Bullock: Gryffindor
Will Smith: Gryffindor
Emma Stone: Slytherin
Nicolas Cage: Ravenclaw
Orlando Bloom: Gryffindor
Kristan Bell: Hufflepuff
James Franco: Slytherin
Toby McGuire: Ravenclaw
Kristen Dunst: Slytherin
George Clooney: Ravenclaw

Star Trek TNG:
Picard: Gryffindor
Riker: Slytherin
Wesley: Huflepuff
Geordi: Ravenclaw
Beverly: Slytherin
Worf: Gryffindor
Data: Ravenclaw
Deanna Troi: Gryffindor

Hawkeye: Hufflepuff
B.J.: Slytherin
Col. Blake: Hufflepuff
Col. Potter: Ravenclaw
Radar: Gryffindor
Klinger: Ravenclaw
Margret: Gryffindor
Winchester: Slytherin
Frank: Slytherin
Trapper: Ravenclaw
Sydney: Grffindor

Jenna Marbles: Hufflepuff
Dan Howl: Slytherin
Phil Lester: Hufflepuff
Tyler Oakley: Slytherin
Troye Sivan: Ravenclaw
Shane Dawson: Grffindor
Jo Sugg: Hufflepuff
Zoella: Ravenclaw
Alfie Days: Hufflepuf
Tanya Burr: Hufflepuff
Jim chapmen: Ravenclaw

Gilmore Girls:
Lorelai: Gryfindor
Rory: Ravenclaw
Luke: Hufflepuff
Christopher: Slytherin
Sookie: Hufflepuff
Jackson: Gryffindor
Dean: Hufflepuff
Jess: Ravenclaw
Logan: Slytherin
Marty: Hufflepuff
Paris: Gryffindor
Lane: Slythein
Zac: Hufflepuff
Mrs. Kim: Ravenclaw
Michelle: Gryfinndor
Richard Ravenclaw
Emily: Slytherin
Jason: Gryffindor
Max: Ravenclaw