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2016-09-14 18:15:31 (UTC)

Can't Breathe

Mood: Everything sucks
Song: Silence
Color: Purple

Everyone is at each other's throats there is drama and pressure and I'm walking on egg shells around everyone.
And I just want to be able to breathe with out this invisible crushing weight on my chest.
I want peace and understanding and unity but all I'm getting is fights and conflict and all of us being horrible to each other.
I'm tired and I cant even bring myself to complain about it...or try to talk to someone about it because it won't do any good they can't fix it and there's no reason to tell anyone about my problems they have there own problems, their own lives and who cares?
I don't have anyone I feel like I can talk to and confide in.
I'm on my own.
And part of me is sad about that but mostly I'm resigned to that fact... it's nothing new I end up alone eventually no matter who comes into my life.

I'm tired and I wish that we would all just stop and be decent human beings to one another.
It's been so much worse lately and today I'm struggling.

Peace(I wish)