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2016-09-13 21:20:46 (UTC)

Tuesdays almost gone...

I was up early this morning. Just stayed up to enjoy my coffee and some alone time. Lots going on...but seem to be coming together. Both my listings are under contract. Then I get a call from one of the attorneys today saying that the house these people want to buy has some things on the deed of trust that need to be paid before the title is clear.
One of the items is 350 bucks and the other is 22k. HOLY COW.

So, I talked to the owners who were under the impression that the house was paid for. Those bills belong to the people they bought the house we have an issue. Lucky though, his wife works for the place
the house closed at and he is going to hopefully get it straight.

God I hope so...we are in inspection process right now...really need
to get this place straight. The buyers are selling their house...
and we finally have it under contract. I thought I would have a week
or so to rest before any headaches. Wishful thinking.

Anyway it is out of my hands. They have to deal with it or we can not
sell it unless they pay for it at closing which is wrong every way
you look at it.

I am hurting still. They called me yesterday to set up physical
therapy sessions. I did not understand how that would help my
problem with leaking pee. I know there is a word for that. I can not remember it. Anyway...she read the request and said...oh no, you
do not need this. I will have to send this to another department...
and they will have to call you to set that up.

That? They are gonna x-ray my bladder....fill it with fluid and see what happens or how long it can handle being in there...who knows? I have no idea what they are gonna do...but I want them to do it. I need to find out what is up.

I am still trying to be normal..but taking it easy more often.
When it hurts. I sit down.

What else can I do?

Tuesday is almost gone...

tomorrow I take him to get a shot in his eye.
Then he will go to work next week for a couple of days.

trying to get back to normal....or close to it.

He will have to get new glasses....but hard headed for now.