My Letter To The World
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2016-09-12 02:39:49 (UTC)


Mood: Thoughtful
Song: Where were you when the world stopped turning by Alan Jackson
Color: Sunset Orange

I Was seven years old, I was home and i was watching cartoons and i couldn't tell you what it was i was watching that memory doesn't stand out as much as what i would see in a few minutes.
it was what 8:40 something in NY so it was 7:40 something here...
I'll never forget the reactions of my parents as my dad came into the living room and changed the channel to the News and like the rest of the world was captivated by the devastating chaos that was playing out on the screen in front of us and in sickening reality for thousands of people who were there trapped burning in the Twin Towers.
I think now like i did then "I can't believe they(my parents) are letting me see this" I think that if it's hadn't have shocked the world my parents included i think they would have sheltered me from this- sent me to another room or off to play ect. as they had in the past when something disturbing would come on the news or something was wrong because i was still that young.
But i to was captivated and i didn't understand but i couldn't ask my questions i remember looking at my parents faces as they watched it happen and the expression is something i couldn't describe if i tried i imagine a lot of people looked the same.
All i knew was i was seeing thousands of people from those windows were calling for help trapped in collapsing floors falling to their deaths in smoke and fire and rubble.
And some many... committing suicide jumping from the buildings which at the time was the most horrifying thing about what i was seeing and at the time was the most horrifying thing i'd ever seen.
Might still be... because i fully understand it now.
I imagine people faced on one side with a wall for fire and black smoke and on the other side windows 100 plus stories up and those people who didn't die on impact had to choose their deaths and both then and now i can't...i can not fathom being there in their shoes trying to make one last phone call to a person you love, watching people around you dying and crying and panicking and praying.

I've read today other people writing about "How 9/11 changed the US and how it changed the world and giving their examples like Higher airport security and many other things.
But fro me as a child at the time 9/11 didn't change the world for me, it defined the world for me it defined the type of world that i would continue to grow up in.
I will say that it definitely popped this bubble that i and basically all Americans 40 and under had been living in this false sense of security and safety that we felt we had.
i say people 40 and under because that is the generation and down that never had to fight in any wars and such...we had this security in the US because we had never personally seen on our life times it being under attack.
I realized that the US wasn't this safe place that no one could touch.
I had never seen mass death before in my life time i had never seen my country be attacked, I had never before sat crying in front of the tv while it showed me live footage of people dying while i prayed for peoples souls.

No i don't think it was an inside job, i don't think we did this to ourselves.
George Bush is a good man and was a good president.
And no We will never forget.